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The Best smart TV Box for 2019 (Top 3 Reviewed)

What are the best smart TV boxes?

Smart TV Box Introduction

We all began from somewhere in the TV generation. Back in the days when are when we used the black and white televisions in our homes. They were one of the best and if you never had one then you would get beat up by your parents for going to your neighbors to watch.

Those were the old days. We then moved on to colored television sets that had a video quality of 720p. These were among the bright days that one had to adjust from the black and white for the colored television set.

Now technology has come up with the digital set boxes and there is now a smart TV box.

These boxes have come with a bigger and better resolution compared to that of the colored TV and the Black and white TV.

They use digital frequency signals to communicate. Their resolution starts at 1080p and some models are a lot higher.

This has revolutionized the television technology to a whole other level.

Smart TV boxes are one of a kind as their manufacturers are dedicated to making the world of entertainment bigger and more involving.

Some have come up with even better smart TV boxes that have access to the internet and also have different operating systems that are more involving.



This is one of the key factors that one should look at before settling on the smart TV box to buy. This is because the price ranges depending on the services and channels available. The features of the devices are also determining factors on the cost.


This is where a new technology hits the market and shapes up the whole industry. Do you trust the company that came up with that technology? Is it as effective as the one you wish for?


Different smart TV boxes have different ways of installation. First, you need to know what is required for the installation.

Some will need external antennas in order for them to perform with at most satisfaction while others depending on your location will have some issues.


Some boxes are complex in their use and many distinctive features. These boxes are at times very complex and hence one should choose from the easy to use depending on their abilities.


Does the smart TV box have all things you need for your home? Every box has different features from the other.

Technology is the main media that is running today’s world. People are coming up with bigger and better innovations and inventions on a daily basis. The smart TV boxes are a great invention and are one of a kind.

Picking from the available smart TV box might be tricky. Knowledge on what you are really looking for is important and advisable.



Roku UltraThis has been one of the leading smart TV boxes for over two years now. This has been one of the smart TV boxes that have made a lot of impact in technology as it has an app that can be used to operate it. It also has a fast wired and wireless connection as compared to others and also has a fast dual core broadcast chipset.

It also has the latest Roku player as well as a remote control, mic and a built-in search button to search for channels and also the internet. It is much loved by people because of the earphone plug on the remote control for private listening.

It has a dual band WI-FI access point, a wired Ethernet plug option, a micro SD expansion slot, HDMI and USB for local media playback.

It does not have a power off option as it remains online and has a very low power consumption of 3.5 watts. It stays online all time and also updates itself when necessary as the updates are automatic.

The Roku smart TV box is one of a kind and it is really loved by the user. For the first time users, there might be some issues as the Roku Ultra smart TV box will need you to create an account in order to go on with its functions.

Another alarming feature in this smart TV box is that when you buy it, you cannot use if even for offline purposes leave alone the fact that you cannot even access the main menu before updating its firmware.

Its price is reasonable and worth it and many people like it as their choice in smart TV box.


Google Chromecast UltraTheir creator is the Google organization just as the name suggests. It is a small device but yet very powerful. It is liked by many due to its size and it has very many features that are appealing to anyone who likes home entertainment.

It is plugged in the HDMI slot of the TV and integrates with all the apps and services as well as paid services offered under their rainbow.

It has a wireless access point that one can connect to using the tablet or phone for internet purposes. It also comes with the 4K streaming capabilities and using its app, you can stream videos from your phone or tablet at a click of a button.

It is easy to use, fast and also has the remote control. It has a screen resolution of up to 1080p which is much clear than the set-top boxes.

The Google chrome cast smart tv box is a good choice in smart TV selection. It is very cheap and easy to use at it integrates with your phone using an application.

The device gives the user the ability to stream video from the phone or tablet direct to the big TV screen using the cast command on the app.


This is a portable device with the shape like that of a USB stick and has great capabilities. It can broadcast up to 1800 channels in order to watch your favorite movies with a screen resolution of 1080p.

roku streaming stick

It is also connected through the HDMI slot at the back of the television set and can be carried anywhere. It has a wireless access point for internet use as well as a remote control.

It has a quad core processor that is eight times faster than the original Roku streaming stick. It is the smallest yet very powerful device in the world of technology.


The device has the mirroring services similar to that of the Google chrome cast smart TV box and can connect to many devices and even satellite cable from companies like Dish Networks. It has the lowest price even than the Google chrome cast and much more.

Before you can get to use this device, you will need to first open a Roku account.

The difference is that this will not need any credit card details.

Set up Smart TV Box

A smart TV box is a multimedia device that has the power to convert any TV into a smart TV. It gives the users the permission to access TV shows, Live music, Sports, games and any other form of entertainment with just one click.

The beauty of TV boxes is that you can add almost any media you want to them. You can browse the internet, watch YouTube videos, Netflix, you name it.

You’re also able to add services like Sling, Satalite TV from different cable companies (see some Dish Network Reviews here) and even stream media from your phone!

It is very important to understand how this device works before purchasing it.

Most manufacturers give a warranty of at least a year in case there is something wrong with the unit you purchase. If the user is not able to get the full information on how the box works, they can contract the manufacturers.

The user needs to know all about the smart tv box it is different from other TVs.

With a smart TV box, you need to browse from one channel to the other to get the content you need. The user also needs to know all about the precautions and how to handle the device.

All the user’s manual should be followed to later. Misuse or misinformation on how to use these devices may lead to the device not working in a proper way. It also gives the user a complete know how on how to handle the device.

Users Guide:

How to connect the Hardware.

Connect the device to a power supply. Attach the smart tv Box to your TV using the HDMI cable. Switch on the Box and go to the settings. Connect to the internet. If your TV and router are close to each other, you can connect using your broadband router using the ethernet cable.

How to connect to Wi-FI.

  1. To set up wi-fi to your smart box, you need to have an open internet connection.
  2. To connect the wi-fi to the smart box, look for ethernet port that is found at the back of the TV.
  3. Connect the ethernet cable from the router to the port on the TV.
  4. Choose the menu on the TVs remote and choose network settings.
  5. Then select the option to enable wired Network.
  6. Key in your wi-fi password using your remote control.

How to install Software

  1. Go to Program add-ons.
  2. Select program installer.
  3. Select install.
  4. The software is now installed. You are now able to browse easily.

How to use the keyboard.

The wireless keyboard which also has a touch mouse is used instead of a normal remote control. It is more when efficient when browsing and easier when entering media data on the tv box. They have rechargeable batteries inserted.

Turn on the keyboard and a light will then show. The keyboard is now ready to use.

How to access Google Play Store

Smart tv models with HDMI receivers and TV tuners have access to google play store where the users can be able to gain access to games, play stations, and other streaming services.

Reviews about Entertainment.

With the smart tv connected to an open internet, the users have unlimited access to all the tv shows, movies, games, live music, sports world, tv series and much more. this is all we need in this era where technology is on the rise.

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