192.168.l.l is an IP address that is used as a default address for routers when manufacturers initially sell them to customers. The address is most commonly found in Linksys routers and open source Linux based firmwares that work with Linksys routers. is the address that you will find set as default gateway when you first buy the router and connect it to your computer or internet based gadgets. The browser upon entering this address will let you control router’s configurations through web interface. Unable to access this address either means that the configuration has changed or there is a problem with network connection. is also a private IP address that belongs to Class C. All private IP addresses are exclusively meant for private networks and do not form a part of the internet. When machines are connected to a home network, they do not form a part of the internet invariably; instead they are connected to a network router that acts as an entrance for activities routing data to and from the home network.

While this setup allows machines to be secure behind a protective shield that cannot be reachable from the internet, they share a single ISP connection.

It’s isn’t always necessary to learn your router address. However it becomes necessary when there is a network problem. If your router is not set up to utilize, you need to check the manual or documentation that came with the router.

However, certain other addresses are also used as default, such as and in some routers. Troubleshooting the network connection is usually based on setting this IP address correctly.

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