About The Oscar® Igloo

The Oscar® Igloo is an Academy Awards®-related website focused on providing our visitors with an all-year, professional and (primary) unbiased look at the highs and lows of the Oscar® race.

Founded in December of 2003 by Portuguese-born Johnny Alba, The Oscar® Igloo was originally an Alaska-based website until spring of 2005 when operations were transferred to the city of Los Angeles, California. We also count with New York, New Jersey and Illinois-based correspondents.

In more than two years of online presence, we have been quoted and featured in mass media as the Associated Press, The New York Times, The Minneapolis Star Tribune and most recently, by ABC News. We have also established a partnership with the entertainment website N: ZONE.

We are strong believers of our motto: “It’s not about who we want to win, it’s about who will” and we are proud of being the only website in our category that fully commits to this statement.

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